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Looking for a reliable supplier and repair partner of industrial automation and control equipment? If so, welcome to Rapido Engineering.
We are a leading supplier of process technologies, automation and services.

Our goal is to provide our customers with quality engineering services, superior automation solutions, and components they need to optimise performance, and best achieve their goals. We specialize in supplying new and absolete automation products from leading manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens, Danfoss, Omron, Sick, Schneider Electric, and many more...
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Modern equipments

Rapido Engineering gives you access to modern automation parts. We constantly aim to stay updated with technology by collaborating
with leading Oems from around the world to provide our customers with leading-edge products and advanced automation solutions.

The typical types of equipment we supply and support are Electric Motors, Switching Components, Solar Panels, Motor Controls and Starters, Sensors, PLCs, HMIs, Drives, Power Supplies, UPSs, Valves, Electrical testing tools , Machine safety and many more.

Industrial Automation Parts Repairs

The intensity of broken-down equipment and the cost of lost production can bring a great deal of dissatisfaction. Sometimes, there is no sufficient substitute on the market, or the cost of replacing a component is very high. To help companies reduce downtimes and cut maintenance costs , we provide Industrial Automation Parts Repairs service for any type of equipment. If you are looking for a relaible partner for repairs , feel free to contact us !
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Need Parts Or Services For Automation? Can't Find The Parts You Needs? Rapido Engineering is the right place for you. We are able to supply new, absolete and hard-to-find parts. Feel Free to contact us for any form request.

We’re Helping Industries

Rapido Engineering provides components and engineering solutions across a broad spectrum of industries. whether it is supplying components, delivering solutions or conducting repairs and maintenance, We ensure that our engineers deliver the best service possibble for each industry and its particular challenges.

We have engaged in work from many businesses and manufacturing firms. Some of the clients we work with include Twinsaver Group, South OCean Wire, Gayattri Group, Steson mining, Electran Congo Service, Clover and many more.
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With Special Services

We have a team of experienced sales engineers and product specialists striving to uphold good communication levels to meet customer requirements. If you have any concerns, or you need a service or information. We are proud to be helping you
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