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About Us

About us

Welcome to Rapido Engineering. We are industry factory solutions. We specialize in supplying new and obsolete industrial automation parts utilized across multiple manufacturing industries. We offer superior automation solutions, quality engineering services to help companies improve productivity and best achieve their goals.

Our team comprises of experienced sales & service engineers to provide you with a cost-effective, comprehensive and bespoke electrical procurement and shipping services. You don’t need to upgrade your existing systems ‘’old system’’ as we are able to support your obsolete system & active from spares to maintenance level.

We take great pride in customer service. Our teams place the customers at the core of their profession with a mission to always deliver components on time and provide professional, economical and supperior engineering services. We have engaged in work from many businesses and manufacturing firms. Some of the clients we work with include Twinsaver Group, South OCean Wire, Gayattri Group, Steson mining, Electran Congo Service, Clover and many more.

Modern equipments

Rapido Engineering gives you access to modern automation parts. We constantly aim to stay updated with technology by collaborating
with leading Oems from around the world to provide our customers with leading-edge products and advanced automation solutions.

Free Delivery

We provide free shipping service on all local orders. Orders are typically delivered to you within 48 hours depending on location.